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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2005|03:50 pm]
I just launched WeeAuctions! Up for sale this week a pink robot and a zippered carrysmall.

Any feedback would be awesome! Hopefully this will all work out ok and we can change this family's status from not-for-profit! :)
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2005|02:37 pm]
I have some *more* vintage stuff up for trade over on my weewonderfuls site if anyone is interested!
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swap [Jan. 20th, 2005|06:43 pm]
I've put some vintage up on my typepad journal for trade if anyone is interested...

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geez [Jan. 1st, 2005|10:07 am]
I'm such a lj slacker. I wish I could sync up my lj and typepad to update at the same time. Instead here's monthly barrage of images.. I've been busy working on Christmas presents...

here are some snowmen ornaments I made

I made 5 pouches for gifts, here's one

a bunny & some pjs for Oscar

I'm excited for the new year. I have all sorts of ideas for my site.. maybe some kind or organized swapping, some selling. I don't know. I have a basement full of vintage clothes leftover from my online store that I want to get rid of but I don't want the hassle of ebaying. maybe I could list them on this livejournal for trade or sale? Or maybe I should just call Amvets, tell them to bring an extra truck and be done with it!
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some new things I've made lately [Nov. 30th, 2004|11:01 am]
Earwarmer and neckwarmer from Stitch n Bitch Nation book...

tiny bear with one paw..

my elephant for loobylu's month of softies
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2004|09:29 am]
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a squirrel.. [Oct. 28th, 2004|09:48 am]

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A kitty in a dress [Oct. 21st, 2004|06:26 am]


more about her here
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Fabric Exchange [Oct. 10th, 2004|09:33 am]
I'm having no luck ordering fabric from Japan online. If anyone who lives in Japan is reading this and would like to do a fabric exchange with me let me know! I have tons of vintage fabric and I'm always hunting down cool fabrics in local shops. Some of my fabric is pictured here... http://weewonderfuls.typepad.com/photos/fabrics/index.html
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(no subject) [Oct. 8th, 2004|08:46 am]
and here's a little felt guy... I need to doll this page up even if there isn't going to be much here (since everything is over at http://weewonderfuls.typepad.com)


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